Estd- 1st May 1971

|| Be one with downtrodden and the underprivilged ||

Shri Shivaji Education Society, Karad's
Board for Higher Education, Karad

Venutai Chavan College, Karad

वेणूताई चव्हाण कॉलेज , कराड

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Accredited as "B" Grade(3rd Cycle) by NAAC, Bengaluru

Department of English

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The Department of English was established in the year 1971with a view to impart quality higher education in the subject English to the students especially first generation of learners coming from rural areas. It runs B. A. Programme right from the inception of the college Later on in the year 1995 M. Phil. Programme and research centre was initiated for the benefit of researchers. M. A. English programme started in the year 2022-23. It also runs a Certificate Course in Spoken English. Eminent scholars and academicians like Prin. P. T. Thorat, Prof. K S Ayer, Prof. J A Shinde, Prof P A Attar, Prof. R. M. Badode and Dr C A Langare have rendered their services to groom the academic culture in the Department. Dr R R Thorat is working as Head of the Department since 2007.

To date, 10 researchers of the Centre have been awarded Ph. D and 29 researchers have been awarded M. Phil. degree of the University. 10 students of the Department have been awarded medals for standing first in the subject as well as general merit list of the Shivaji University. Every year students have been honored with prizes for creative writing in college magazine entitled ‘Sangam’ in the Shivaji University Magazine Competition. It organizes conference/ seminar, lead college activity, lectures by experts and alumni for the benefit of stakeholders. Alumni of the Department are excelling well in the fields like Professors, Principal, teachers, civil services, Yog Guru and social activities.




1. To make students aware of the significance of English for career and to facilitate students to learn English language with interest.
2. To introduce students to the worldwide cultures through literatures in English
3. To educate students English language and literature to develop linguistic and literary competency.
4. To assist students to develop English communication skills, soft skills and proficiency in English language.
5. To enhance life skills and effective language skills among students to face global challenges.
6. To inculcate research attitude among the students.

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