Estd- 1st May 1971

|| Be one with downtrodden and the underprivilged ||

Shri Shivaji Education Society, Karad's
Board for Higher Education, Karad

Venutai Chavan College, Karad

वेणूताई चव्हाण कॉलेज , कराड

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Accredited as "B" Grade(3rd Cycle) by NAAC, Bengaluru

Department of Political Science

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Department of Political Science is one of the oldest department in VenutaiChavan College, Karad. It is established in 1971.With a distinguished faculty, the department is committed to providing a comprehensive education in political science to its BA students. The discipline of Political Science has both academic and socio-political significance. It enables students to make sense of political reality of the region, country and the world. It equips them with the ability to analyze cross-cutting and current issues in a well-informed and grounded manner. It also makes them upholders of universal principles of justice. The department tries to imbibe in students these qualities through its curriculum and activities. We actively facilitate visits to local self-government institutions, enabling students to gain practical insights into their functioning. Furthermore, we regularly host debates and discussion of important issues of regional, national and global importance. We organize, independently and in collaboration, national seminars and workshops that foster critical thinking and intellectual growth.

Over the years, our department has played a pivotal role in preparing students for diverse professions upon completing their BA here. It has produced many civil servants, teachers, and police and army recruits. The progression of department students into post-graduation, research and Law is good.

As we look ahead, the department wishes to continue its tradition of quality and further its goal of producing learned and thinking individuals with a social commitment at the end of their graduation. We are determined to adapt to new changes in the education sector, pedagogy, industry and the world and sustain and nurture ethical practices of teaching learning while doing so.


The Political Science Department seeks to provide students with a learning experience that will equip them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex job market and prepare them to become active and engaged citizens at the local, national and international levels.


- To teach Indian democratic Values.
- To cultivating knowledge about Indian & Western Political Thinker.
- To give information related to Indian Administration system & International Politics.
- Making significant role in the area of research work particular from rural and tribal areas.

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Mr.Pramod Sukumar Karade M.A,SET Assistant Professor View
Dr.jaysinh Subhash ohol M.A,NET,PhD,SET Assistant Professor View
Miss.Afareen Munawar Mujawar M.A,SET Assistant Professor View

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