Estd- 1st May 1971

|| Be one with downtrodden and the underprivilged ||

Shri Shivaji Education Society, Karad's
Board for Higher Education, Karad

Venutai Chavan College, Karad

वेणूताई चव्हाण कॉलेज , कराड

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Accredited as "B" Grade(3rd Cycle) by NAAC, Bengaluru


The College is located in an urban area built up on the Karad- Masur Road, 3 Kms away from the city of Karad at the North. The Campus is spread across the 10 Acres.

Venutai Chavan College, Karad is one of the premier educational institutes in Maharashtra. It is affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur. It was founded on 1st May1971 by Shri Shivaji Education Society, Karad.

Venutai Chavan College was formerly known as ‘Karad College of Arts and Commerce, On in 12th March 1985 it was ceremonially renamed as Venutai Chavan College, Karad in order to commemorate the memories of Late Hon.Sou.Venutai Chavan. The renaming ceremony marks the occasion of the pious birthday of Hon.Venutai Chavan after her sad demise on June 1st, 1983.)

Over the last 37 years and soon after its establishment the college has relentlessly endeavored to impart ‘Quality Based Education’. It has disseminated value based knowledge among the downtrodden and needy stakeholders. It is equally significant to note that the college has earned a due reputation and status in the jurisdiction of Shivaji University, Kolhapur within a very short period of time.


To educate students through dedicated holistic attitude to develop ethical, disciplined, sensible and determined citizen to cope with local to global challenges


- To impart quality based service in the field of education to the students coming from Karad and the adjoining mofussil area.
- To create the sense of discipline in terms of regularity, sincerity and punctuality among the students and make them responsible and respectable citizens of India.
- To aim at overall personality development of the students through various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
- To prepare the students to face the challenges created by the emerging global situation.
- To create the feeling of corporate life among the students.
- To create social awareness among the students in order to equip their minds for the feeling of secularism and uplift the underprivileged culturally and socially.

About ‘2f and ‘12B

The College has listed up under the UGC 2f and 12B in 1972 to become eligible to receive various developmental grants from the UGC.


Be one with the downtrodden and the underprivileged

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