Estd- 1st May 1971

|| Be one with downtrodden and the underprivilged ||

Shri Shivaji Education Society, Karad's
Board for Higher Education, Karad

Venutai Chavan College, Karad

वेणूताई चव्हाण कॉलेज , कराड

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Accredited as "B" Grade(3rd Cycle) by NAAC, Bengaluru

Department of Geography

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The Department of geography was established in the year 1971 to offer teaching in Geography. Geography is a unique discipline integrating subjects from social sciences, natural and physical science and technology.

The Department offers undergraduate course in Geography. The Department has a well- equipped laboratory and other infrastructure for conducting theory and practical classes,apart from the rich store books on geography in the main library, classroom. Teaching is reinforced by project works, field visits, seminars, study tour, etc.The faculty of Department is actively engaged in teaching and research activities.

Students are employed in various fields like teaching, military, administration, Tourism, Agro-industries, Hoteling GIS Companies.


To motivate and inspire rural students to acquire new technologies in Geography like Computer, Tourism, GIS, GPS, Surveys and remote sensing.


Apply the geographical knowledge to resolve local environmental problems.


Geography today is a combination of Arts and Science. Its scope and study is broad and comprehensive. Geography is well established as a science.
1. To help students to acquire knowledge of their physical and social environment and thus to broaden their outlook
2. To develop in them an understanding of basic concepts, principles and theories relating to geographical phenomena
3. To develop skills of reading maps and globes to develop drawing and measuring skills and to develop skill of using manipulating geographical instruments.
4. To adjust human life in accordance with geographical circumstances.

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Mr.Siddheshwar Jalindar Sakat B.Ed,M.Sc,NET Assistant Professor View
Dr.Sunita Mohan Chavan M.A,MPHIL,PhD Assistant Professor View
Mrs.Nilam Shankar Desai M.A,PhD,SET Assistant Professor View

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