The college modestly boasts of the rich tradition and the legacy of its visionary founder Hon.Yashwantrao Chavan alias ‘Saheb’, the former Deputy Prime Minister of India, well known for his mature and dynamic leadership. He was the leader of the masses with poise and grace in the public and ability to strike the human chord. He won the admiration of all great national leaders, thinkers, literary scholars for his vast scholarship and humble interest in art and literature.

He was a versatile figure, a patriot, social scientist, scholar statesman, prominent Marathi writer. Above all, he was a great human being who stood firm close to the soil by the virtue of his prophetic understanding of human nature in the socio political domain of India. It is significant to note that our college is the product of his vision. He envisioned and foresaw an imperative need of Higher Education to emancipate and uplift the underprivileged and downtrodden masses. He said :
"The main stream of education should be expanded by providing with optimum facilities and be ensured that it should reach to every city, town and village of Maharashtra. And through this, every new generation of the village should be educated.  And let there not be a single house where the opportunity of higher education has not reached.  This or such educational activity would certainly create an unprecedented knowledge and power in all spheres of society that will always remain a constant source of inspiration and impetus for future and all generations of learners”
Hon.Yashwantraoji Chavan
(Quoted from ‘Sahyadriche Humkar’p.28)